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The Adventures of Gilbert and Maude
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Gilbert and Maude are a couple of socialite aristocrats of the Roaring 20's. They are a husband and wife team who travel the world seeking their next adventure. They always seem to fall into the latest mystery to solve or stumble across a crime to uncover.  Can you help them solve their next case?


Are you ready to join them on their next adventure?

Step back into the 1920's when you enter Gilbert and Maude’s living room where your Game Master will greet you to start your adventure. 

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Pirates of the Caribbean

Gilbert and Maude’s cruise took a turn for the worst when their ship was attacked by pirates!  In an attempt to save the other passengers, the couple sacrifices themselves. Once inside the captain’s quarters, they see a map.  Do the pirates have a lost treasure?  Can you find out before time runs out? 

Difficulty rating: Moderate.  Good for 2 to 6 players.  No previous sailing experience required.    

Escape percentage: 60%  

On Safari! 

Gilbert and Maude went to visit their friends, John and Dorothy in South Africa.  John went off to find elephants but now he seems to have gone missing.  Can you find out what happened to him?  You’d better hurry.  You’ll only have 60 minutes! 


Difficulty rating: Expert.  There’s a lot to do so good teamwork and communication skills are a must.  

Best for 4 to 6 players. 

Escape percentage: 5%

Coming Soon

Castle Everettshire

Gilbert and Maude travel to the family castle for some rest and relaxation where they learn that the Prince’s good name is being threatened.  Can you help them find all the tenants of chivalry before you are locked in the castle keep?  

Difficulty rating: Easy/Moderate. Good for 2 to 6 players.

Escape percentage:  Unknown


New York, New York

Gilbert and Maude receive word that friends, Harold and Jane, have left their new magazine office in New York City but don’t know why.  Were they working on uncovering a big story?  Can you solve the mystery? 

Difficulty rating: Moderate/Hard. 

Best for 4 to 6 players.  

Escape percentage:  Unknown

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Coming Soon
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Coming Soon

Oui Oui, Paris! 

The setting: A café in Paris.  The crime: Stolen tickets to a night out at the theatre!  Can you help Gilbert and Maude get them back before the curtain opens? 

Difficulty rating: Moderate.  This small space is best for 2 to 4 players. 


Escape percentage:  Unknown 

* The Adventures of Gilbert and Maude is located at 812 W. White River Blvd. in Muncie, just across the parking lot from Escape Muncie.  Look for the footprints. 

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