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So many fun games to play!  Which will you choose?

Regardless of your escape game experience, we have a game that will be fun and challenging for you.  Choose from four different themed games with four different personalities and four different difficulty levels at our location in Muncie.  Each game is an hour long and costs just $30 per person (Except as noted differently for our mobile games).  The list below gives a brief description of each room:  The Theatre, The Mansion, The Classroom, Grandma's Living Room, and now two Escape the Circus games!  Select the Book Now button to choose the day and time you want to play and check availability.  And, you can always call with additional questions.  Need us to bring a game to you?  Check out the mobile and portable games at the bottom of this list.  Any way you play, you are sure to have a great experience playing Escape Muncie!  Can you get out?

Escape Muncie Theater
Escape Muncie Theatre

The show was great and you were hanging around talking with some friends.  You run back to get your coat but when you go to leave, you find that you are locked in with nobody left to help.  You cannot miss the after-party, you have to get out!  You have 60 minutes. Can you escape?

Rating:  Challenging;  best for 4-6 players.  There is a lot to do and good problem solving is needed.  

Can you think like a gamer?

Escape percentage:  Approximately 45%

Escape Muncie Mansion
Escape Muncie Mansion

Your tour of the historic mansion was interesting, but you lingered a little too long in the library and now you are trapped.  The tour bus is leaving soon.  You have 60 minutes. Can you escape?

Rating:  Challenging; best for 6 +/- players. There is a lot to do in this room.  Good communication is key and be prepared to keep on task if you want to escape! 

Escape percentage:  Approximately 50%

Escape Muncie Classroom
Escape Muncie Classroom

Not only did you have to take your final exam today, but you took too long and everybody else has gone. You are locked in the school!  Talk about a rough day..... but the teacher has left some clues.  You have to get out so you do not miss the big game.  You have 60 minutes.  Can you escape?

Rating:  Moderate.  Great for first time escapers, families and youth groups!  But don't let that fool you; it's a great game!

Escape percentage: Approximately 60%

Escape Grandma's Living Room

You haven’t heard from Grandma in a few days.  She’s been getting more and more confused lately. You were starting to get worried so you decided to stop by and check on her.  When you come in, you can’t find Grandma anywhere. Where is she? 

Rating:   Expert.   How hard?  Well, you better bring your best game.  Best for groups of 4-8 players.

Escape percentage: Approximately 15%


Is your group or event unable to join us at our building?  Let us bring the escape rooms to you!  Two circus themed games in one truck.  Play one and then play the other.  Two different difficulties.  Fun 45 minute games so everyone gets a chance to play.

Call for pricing options and to book your experience at your location!

Escape Muncie Circus
(In our mobile truck, in our lot)

Welcome to the J.B. Everlini Circus!  Our mobile games are now available to play at our location in Muncie!  Choose one of two 45 minute circus themed games: 


Blue Path Game:

You are an animal handler with the circus.  The animals are out of their cages and you have to make sure that they get back in before the circus train leaves for the next city.   You'd better hurry!


Rating:  Moderate.  Can you think outside of the box?


Red Path Game:

You are expected to perform today, but you can’t find any of the other circus performers.  When you went to the Ringmaster’s train car to see where everyone is, you found everybody is missing!  You’ll need to find all the performers to get out and save the show!


Rating:  Difficult.  Can you think outside of the box quickly?    


Book online or call to schedule your game.  Up to six people per game.  Then, just tell your Game Master which game you want to play once you get here!  (That part is easy!)

Note:  For your comfort, please book our truck games when temperatures permit - above 60 degrees and below 90 degrees.  Rain is not a problem.

Find Charlie Cardinal
(A portable box game)

Have a party or event that needs some fun entertainment?  Find Charlie Cardinal is a portable game that we bring to you.  We set it up on your table and let groups of 4-6 play on a rotation basis.  Based on Ball State culture and trivia, it's a  fun 30 minute game so everyone gets a chance to play.

Call for pricing options and to schedule your game.

Rescue Rich Uncle Pennybags
(A portable box game)

Have a large party or event that needs some fun entertainment?  Rescue Rich Uncle Pennybags is a portable game that we bring to you.  We set it up on your table and let groups of 4-8 or even 10 play on a rotation basis.  We even have two copies of the game so you can race or just play more people at one time.  Based on classic board games, it's a fun 45 minute game so everyone gets a chance to play.

Call for pricing options and to schedule your game.

Race for the Relics BW.jpg
Race for the Relics
(A portable box game)

You have been called in by the secret society, the Brotherhood of the Holy Relic. They have been hiding a secret for many years that is only known to those that are privy to the underground network.  The Brotherhood has been watching you and your team and they know that you are very clever.  They have hand picked you and asked for your help.  

They have discovered that the infamous treasure hunter, Riley Reese, may be on to their hidden treasure.  It is up to you and your team to stop the treasure hunter before he uncovers ancient secrets and changes the course of history.  They haven’t revealed to you exactly what you are looking for - it’s still a secret, after all - but they did leave you with this suitcase. 

This four part game can be played one setting at a time or as a large multi-part, mega game.  Great for large groups or those wanting a longer challenge.  Each part is approximately 45 minutes with

4-6 players.  

Call for pricing options and to schedule your  game.

Interested in opening your own escape business?

We can help!  Want a business that is fun and profitable?  We have custom games, proven systems, and cost effective ways to get your business open fast.  Want a turnkey mobile business?  Escape Mobile is a great solution.  Contact us for more information and how we can help you get started today.

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