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So many fun games to play!  Which will you choose?

Regardless of your escape game experience, we have a game that will be fun and challenging for you.  Choose from four different themed games with four different personalities and four different difficulty levels at our location in Muncie.  Each game is an hour long and costs just $30 per person.  The list below gives a brief description of each room:  The Theatre, The Mansion, The Classroom, Grandma's Living Room, as well as our two Escape the Circus games. Check out more games on the Adventures of Gilbert and Maude page.  Select the Book Now button to choose the day and time you want to play and check availability.  And, you can always call with additional questions.  Want a game to take home?  Check out our mobile portable games on the Games for Rent page.  Any way you play, you are sure to have a great experience playing Escape Muncie!  Can you get out?

Escape Muncie Theater
Escape Muncie Theatre

The show was great and you were hanging around talking with some friends.  You run back to get your coat but when you go to leave, you find that you are locked in with nobody left to help.  You cannot miss the after-party, you have to get out!  You have 60 minutes. Can you escape?

Rating:  Challenging;  best for 4-6 players.  There is a lot to do and good problem solving is needed.  

Can you think like a gamer?

Escape percentage:  Approximately 45%

Escape Muncie Mansion
Escape Muncie Mansion

Your tour of the historic mansion was interesting, but you lingered a little too long in the library and now you are trapped.  The tour bus is leaving soon.  You have 60 minutes. Can you escape?

Rating:  Challenging; best for 6 +/- players. There is a lot to do in this room.  Good communication is key and be prepared to keep on task if you want to escape! 

Escape percentage:  Approximately 50%

Escape Muncie Classroom
Escape Muncie Classroom

Not only did you have to take your final exam today, but you took too long and everybody else has gone. You are locked in the school!  Talk about a rough day..... but the teacher has left some clues.  You have to get out so you do not miss the big game.  You have 60 minutes.  Can you escape?

Rating:  Moderate.  Great for first time escapers, families and youth groups!  But don't let that fool you; it's a great game!

Escape percentage: Approximately 60%

Escape Grandma's Living Room

You haven’t heard from Grandma in a few days.  She’s been getting more and more confused lately. You were starting to get worried so you decided to stop by and check on her.  When you come in, you can’t find Grandma anywhere. Where is she? 

Rating:   Expert.   How hard?  Well, you better bring your best game.  Best for groups of 4-8 players.

Escape percentage: Approximately 15%

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